The Kennett Educational Foundation’s Grant Program offers grants for educators in the Kennett #39 School District that directly support student learning and activities. The Grant Program is designed to (1) improve basic skills and lower drop-out rate, (2) provide opportunities for extended learning outside the classroom, (3) bolster the music, drama, art and athletic programs, (4) purchase scientific laboratory equipment, (5) update technology and (6) provide reference materials in media centers.

The Foundation encourages new solutions that would enhance educational opportunities. Foundation Trustees give the greatest attention to proposals that (1) identify a clearly defined need, (2) describe an innovative way to meet that need, (3) demonstrate the applicant’s ability to implement the process and (4) show how the program will benefit the students.

The grant application can be downloaded by clicking here. Applications are accepted at any time during the year. However, to receive funding by the beginning of a school year, the application must be submitted by the last day of the prior school year.